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Sentinel® offers the industry's strongest, most flexible, and highly scalable hardware and software licensing and management solutions.

This page contains links to the most current documentation for Sentinel Software Monetization products. You can access information including getting started guides and quick starts, user guides and configuration guides, run-time API references, samples and much more!

Sentinel LDK   Sentinel Software and Services

Sentinel LDK provides your organization with a tailored and comprehensive software monetization solution.

Sentinel LDK also helps you to reduce revenue loss due to piracy and to protect the intellectual property that provides a competitive edge.

Click the link below to access the documentation for Sentinel LDK-EMS and the Sentinel LDK enforcement technology.


Sentinel Software and Services provides a comprehensive software monetization solution with entitlement management that supports on-premises licensing, cloud licensing and software delivery.

Click the link below to access the documentation for Sentinel EMS and the following enforcement technologies and integration solutions:



  Sentinel RMS

  Sentinel LDK

  Sentinel Fit

  Sentinel Connect
Sentinel LDK Documentation   Sentinel Software and Services Documentation
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