Sentinel Licensing API C Reference

The Sentinel Licensing API reference contains the following sections:

>Overview of each of the functions that make up the Sentinel Licensing API

>Structural declarations and detailed information on individual Sentinel Licensing API functions

>Description of XML tags that can be used to define scope and format of various functions, and their usage

>A summary and description of all API return codes

>Description of how to cause an HL key LED to blink

The Sentinel Licensing API in this reference applies to the C programming language interface. APIs for supported languages can be accessed in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Thales\Sentinel LDK\API\Licensing directory.

All Licensing API functions are compatible with remote License Managers and with the local License Manager, depending on the scope specified.

API Samples

Each Sentinel LDK installation includes API samples for various programming languages. Use the samples to integrate Sentinel LDK protection into your own code.

API Function Overview

The Sentinel Licensing API includes the functions described below.

Function Description


Converts a date and time value to hasptime


Decrypts a buffer using the AES encryption algorithm.


Detaches a license for a Product from a Sentinel SL key, according to customizable parameters.


Encrypts a buffer using the AES encryption algorithm.


Releases allocated memory resources.


Retrieves information according to customizable search parameters, and presents it according to customizable formats.


Reads the current time from a HLTime or HLNetTime key.


Retrieves information regarding a session context.


Retrieves the version and build number of the Sentinel Licensing API library.


Converts a time value into a date and time.


Logs in to a Feature, establishing a session context.


Logs in to a Feature according to customizable search parameters.


Logs out from a context or session.


Writes an update for a Sentinel LDK license.

Update Session

Writes an update for a login session for a protection key.

Protection Key Memory Function

Function Description


Reads the memory of a Sentinel protection key.


Writes to the memory of a Sentinel protection key.

FileSize Retrieves the byte size of a memory file from a Sentinel protection key.


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