Sentinel License Generation API Reference

The Sentinel License Generation API reference contains the following elements:

  • Structural declarations and detailed information on individual API functions
  • Description of XML tags that are used to create license definition templates
  • Examples of different methods that can be used to apply license definition templates
  • A summary and description of all API return codes

NOTE   To generate licenses, the Sentinel Master key must be connected to the machine where the program that calls Sentinel License Generation API is running. License generation cannot be performed over RDP (that is, over a remote connection to the system where the Master key is connected).


API Samples

Each Sentinel LDK installation includes API samples for various programming languages. Use the samples to integrate Sentinel LDK license generation into your own code.

API Function Overview

The Sentinel License Generation API functions in this reference apply to the C programming language interface. Sentinel License Generation API supports languages other than C. APIs for supported languages can be accessed in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Gemalto Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\API\LicGen directory.

The Sentinel License Generation API includes the functions described below.




Initializes the license generator library and returns a handle that is used for subsequent functions.


Releases all the resources associated with a handle and resets the handle value after a successful cleanup.


Starts the license definition.


Applies a license definition to the license state associated with the handle.


Generates a V2C file that contains a license.


Releases memory resources utilized by other License Generation API functions.


Decodes a "current state" file or buffer and writes the decoded information as an XML buffer.


Retrieves information associated with a handle, such as capable device information.


Retrieves the version and build number of the LicGen library.