About This Guide

This guide is designed to help software publishers protect and license their software using Sentinel LDK. The guide provides background information and details about how Sentinel LDK can best serve your protection and licensing requirements.

The guide is divided into the following parts:

>Getting Started With Sentinel LDK Vendor Suite – Introduces Sentinel LDK, presents basic protection and licensing concepts, and leads you through the process of configuring the system. You should read this part after opening your kit.

>Protection – Provides an in-depth presentation of Sentinel LDK protection methods. This part includes strategies for maximizing the protection of your software using Sentinel LDK. This part is specifically for software engineers who have the responsibility for using the Sentinel LDK protection applications to protect software.

>Licensing – Discusses the options that Sentinel LDK provides to enable you to apply flexible licensing terms to your software and provides case studies for you to examine. This part is particularly relevant to product and business managers who have to make decisions about how their software is licensed. This part should also be read by operations staff and others involved in production.

>Distributing Software – Details the Sentinel LDK software that can be delivered to end users to ensure easy and trouble-free deployment of protected software. This part also describes the various ways of effectively delivering the Sentinel LDK software components.

>Licensing Business Models – Provides an overview and detailed description of the various Sentinel LDK Licensing business models that you can use to distribute your software.

>Appendices – Provides supplementary information regarding Sentinel LDK.