Configuring SSL and Port

You can configure Sentinel LDK-EMS to use either the HTTP or HTTPS protocol for communication between the Sentinel LDK-EMS web server and the web browsers used to access Sentinel LDK-EMS. By default, Sentinel LDK-EMS is configured during installation to use HTTP. You can change HTTP to HTTPS either during or after installation.

To configure SSL and the port:

1.Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.

2.In the Currently installed programs box, click Sentinel LDK.

3.Click Change. The Program Maintenance wizard appears.

4.Click Change Sentinel LDK-EMS Settings. The Sentinel LDK-EMS Host Configuration wizard appears.

5.If you want to use the HTTPS protocol, select the Use SSL check box. To use the HTTP protocol, leave the check box clear.

6.Modify the port for accessing Sentinel LDK-EMS, if needed.

7.Click Update, and then click Finish.

NOTE   After modifying the port, it takes time to update the shortcuts to launch Sentinel LDK-EMS from the Start menu. For immediate results, restart the machine.