Introducing Sentinel LDK-EMS Web Services

Sentinel® LDK-EMS™ is a powerful role-based application designed to manage the business activities required to implement and maintain Sentinel LDK in your organization. Sentinel LDK-EMS handles three major work flows: license planning, entitlement generation and production, and software activation.

Sentinel LDK separates the software protection process (implemented with Sentinel Licensing API or Sentinel LDK Envelope) from the licensing and production processes (implemented with Sentinel LDK-EMS), enabling you to modify your company’s licensing strategy as necessary when circumstances change, and to implement these changes quickly and efficiently.

The primary component of Sentinel LDK-EMS is its Web Server. Users in your organization can access the application from client machines in the network using a web browser or via the web service interfaces provided.

The Sentinel LDK-EMS Web Services are designed to enable you to integrate various functionalities of Sentinel LDK-EMS in your organizational management software (for example, ERP or CRM). This document specifies the RESTful Web Services provided for managing Sentinel LDK-EMS resources, for example, Features, Products, Entitlements, and Customers. You can manage (for example, create, update, delete) the resources using HTTP methods GET, PUT, POST, or DELETE. Resource representations are in XML.

The following table lists the functionalities of Sentinel LDK-EMS for which web services have been exposed.

Resource Methods
GET PUT (create) POST (update) DELETE
License Model




Dynamic Memory


Target (or Protection key)  




Development Platforms

The web services work with most of the development environments, including, but not limited to, Visual Studio .NET 2005, and Java. In this document, we have provided samples for Java.

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