Connected License Model

Sentinel Cloud Licensing (SCL) is an add-on for Sentinel RMS and is used in conjunction with Sentinel EMS to support cloud licenses. Sentinel EMS provides the Connected license model to support pure cloud license.

Attribute Group Attribute name Description Default Value Optional? Software Vendor Permission End User Permission
  Deployment Type Specifies Deployment type as cloud-served connected. Cloud-served connected deployment enables you to create entitlements for connected licenses. Cloud Served - Connected No Read/write None
License Duration Start From Activation Date License start date will start on the day of the activation. No No Read/write Read
Start date

The date (day, month, and year) before which the licensed software cannot be run.


A No start date checkbox can be used to exclude the start date. This option can be selected for licenses so that embedded devices that do not have system clock can be supported.

01/01/2019 12:00 AM No Read/write Read
End date

The date (day, month, and year) beyond which the licensed software cannot be run.


A Never expires checkbox can be used to indefinitely extend the end date.

01/01/2020 12:00 AM No Read/write Read
  Grace Days

Specifies the number of days of grace.

Valid Range: 0-365

0 Yes Read/write None
Limits Usage Limit

Limit that sets the maximum usage of a licensed software.

Valid Range : 1-2147483647

Unlimited No Read/write Read
Unlimited Specifies usage limit as unlimited.   - Read/write None
Grace Limit

The additional number of tokens that can be used after the Usage Limit has been exhausted.

0 (to indicate 'no grace') Valid Range : 0-2147483647

0 Yes Read/write None
Concurrency Limit

The maximum number of concurrent instances allowed for a feature.

Valid Range:1-32752

Unlimited No Read/write None
Unlimited Specifies the concurrency limit as unlimited.   - Read/write None
Concurrency Criteria

Specifies count type for concurrent usage as:

- Per Login

- Per User

NOTE   You can associate named users with line items in an entitlement using the Named User Management tab only after the entitlement is deployed.

Per Login No Read/write None

NOTE   Licenses can be either Usage-based or Concurrent. Both Usage Limit and Concurrency Limit are set as "Unlimited" by default. A count can be set either for Usage Limit or for Concurrency Limit while the other remains "Unlimited".

Vendor Vendor Information The private vendor information remains encrypted. - Yes Read/write None