Getting Usage Path Information

The usageInfo query (sntl_licensing_get_info) API provides the path for the folder containing usage files. This folder is copied to the proxy machine for uploading usage files. It also provides the path where the acknowledgment files (corresponding to uploaded usage files) have to be copied.

Declare Variables/Constants

#define CONTACT_SERVER "localhost"

sntl_licensing_attr_t *pAttrAppContext = NULL;
sntl_licensing_app_context_t *pAppContext = NULL;
char *pcOutBuffer = NULL;

API Calls

Use the following API calls to obtain usage path information:


>sntl_licensing_attr_set(pAttrAppContext, SNTL_ATTR_APPCONTEXT_CONTACT_SERVER, CONTACT_ SERVER);

>sntl_licensing_app_context_new(0, pAttrAppContext, &pAppContext);

>sntl_licensing_get_info(pAppContext, SNTL_QUERY_SCOPE_NONE,SNTL_QUERY_USAGE_INFO_ LATEST, &pcOutBuffer);

NOTE   When the sntl_licensing_get_info API call is successful, the pcOutBuffer string contains an XML-based output. The output contains detailed information related to usage path and acknowledgment path.