License Revocation Using Unified and Traditional API

From Sentinel RMS 9.2.0 onwards, licenses can be revoked using traditional and unified APIs.

The following screenshot provides an illustrated workflow for license revocation using Sentinel RMS.

Let us briefly review the steps involved in revoking a license.

1.Customer places a request for license revocation with the software vendor.

2.Software vendor asks the customer to provide locking information of the targeted machine.

3.Customer provides the locking information using one of the available methods.

4.Software vendor generates the Permission Ticket (PT).

5.Software vendor converts the PT into a License Revocation Request (LRR) and sends it to the customer.

6.Customer installs the LRR which returns a License Revocation Acknowledgment (LRA).

7.Software vendor decodes the LRA to obtain the Revocation Ticket (RT)

8.Software vendor verifies the RT using the appropriate API.

NOTE   For more information, refer to the Sentinel RMS Developer Guide.