Obtaining License Manager Information

Declare Variables/Constants

static const char *pcScopeServerInfo = "<sentinelScope/>";
sntl_licensing_attr_t *pAttrAppContext = NULL;
sntl_licensing_app_context_t *pAppContext = NULL;
char *pcServerInfo = NULL;

API Calls

To obtain License Manager Information, execute the APIs in the specified sequential order only:

sntl_licensing_attr_set(pAttrAppContext, SNTL_ATTR_APPCONTEXT_CONTACT_SERVER, CONTACT_SERVER);

NOTE   If instead the LSFORCEHOST or LSHOST environment variables are set, then the above-mentioned steps are not required.

sntl_licensing_app_context_new(0, pAttrAppContext, &pAppContext);
sntl_licensing_get_info(pAppContext, pcScopeServerInfo, SNTL_QUERY_SERVER_INFO_VERSION(v), &pcServerInfo);

If the sntl_licensing_get_info call is successful, the pcServerInfo parameter contains an XML-based output having the detailed information of Server Info.


In the use case described above, ServerInfo is obtained when the contact server is set (for the remaining attributes, default values are obtained).