Decoding the License to View License Details

Declare Variables/Constants

/* Replace the empty string below with the license string to be decoded */
#define LICENSE_STRING "" 
int   iRetCode =SNTL_LICGEN_SUCCESS;    
char *out=NULL;

API Calls

To decode the license, execute the APIs in the specified sequential order only:

sntl_licgen_parse (NULL, LICENSE_STRING,&out);

The first parameter (licgen_context) is NULL as it is reserved for future use. For the third parameter (info), the output containing license information is in XML format. It is caller's responsibility to free it by using the sntl_licgen_free (out) call.

NOTE   In the case of failure, sntl_licgen_parse will return the error code other than SNTL_LICGEN_SUCCESS defined in the licgen_parser.h header file.