Obtaining the Redundant License Manager Pool Information

NOTE   A redundant License Manager pool configured and running is required for this example.

Declare Variables/Constants

#define CONTACT_SERVER         			"localhost"

sntl_licensing_attr_t *pAttrAppContext    = 	  NULL;
sntl_licensing_app_context_t *pAppContext = 	  NULL;
char *pcServerPoolInfo 		   = 	  NULL; 

API Calls

To obtain the redundant License Manager pool information, execute the APIs in the specified sequential order only:

sntl_licensing_attr_set_appcontext_contact_server (pAttrAppContext, CONTACT_SERVER);
sntl_licensing_app_context_new(0, pAttrAppContext, &pAppContext);
sntl_licensing_get_info(pAppContext, SNTL_QUERY_SCOPE_NONE, SNTL_QUERY_SERVERPOOL_INFO_VERSION(v), &pcServerPoolInfo);

If the sntl_licensing_get_info call is successful, the pcServerPoolInfo parameter contains an XML-based output having the detailed information (an example output is shown here).


In the use case described above, you need to change the CONTACT_SERVER constant to the IP address or hostname of the system hosting the Sentinel RMS License Manager. For example, #define CONTACT_SERVER ""