Enable Tracing

The tracing messages have been placed in the License Manager to capture the low level operations at run time. This is useful in diagnosing the conditions when errors are encountered at the License Manager's end. You can enable License Manager tracing and pass the logs to your software vendor for application debugging and troubleshooting.

Levels of Tracing

The RMS License Manager allows tracing the following activities:

>Trace errors (4) - To trace the errors encountered during communication with the License Manager.

>Trace functions (2) - To trace the major licensing functions called during application lifetime.

>Trace license keys (1) - To trace the invalid license codes.

>All (7) - Trace all the three levels

For example, to allow tracing only license keys, use the -tr startup option as follows:

-tr 1

By default, the tracing activity is disabled. If enabled, error tracing level is set (by default). It is necessary to set the trace location in order to allow tracing. Setting the trace level alone does not lead to any tracing log. You can use the -f <trace-log-file> option to set the location of the trace file.