Selecting the License Managers

The first step to using WlmAdmin is to select what License Managers you are interested in monitoring.

Creating the List of Defined License Managers

1.Go to the Edit menu and select the Defined Server List command.

2.Type a License Manager name and click the Add button to add a server to the list.

NOTE   If you are not sure of the License Manager computer’s host name, you can wait for WlmAdmin to display License Manager in the Subnet Servers area of the left-hand pane of the main window to see what License Managers are available on the network.

3.Once a License Manager is defined, you can add more or select a License Manager and click Remove to remove it from the list.

4.Click OK to return to the main WlmAdmin screen.

NOTE   WlmAdmin may take time in showing an error message if you have clicked a License Manager (in the list of Defined Servers) that is either not running or does not exist. WlmAdmin attempts to find the License Manager and shows an error message when it fails in doing so.

Discovering All License Managers on Your Network Subnet

Go to the left-hand pane of the main WlmAdmin window and double-click Subnet Servers. WlmAdmin will broadcast to the network to discover all License Managers and display them here.

To Refresh the Network Display

Right-click on Defined Servers or Subnet Servers and select Refresh to tell WlmAdmin to display new information on that group of License Managers. You may also select Refresh All from the View menu to refresh the display for all License Managers shown.

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