WlsGrMgr - Manages the Reservation File

On Windows computers, the WlsGrMgr utility can be used to create or edit a reservation file.

You can call WlsGrMgr from within WlmAdmin by using the WlmAdmin Edit > Reservation File command.

NOTE   If you create a new reservation file in a directory containing an existing reservation file, WlsGrMgr will append a number to the name of the new reservation file to avoid overwriting the existing one (for example, lreserv1, lreserv2, and so on).

1.Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the location of the Wlsgrmgr.exe file. Double-click the file to access the WlsGrMgr screen (the exact location of the file depends on your application software vendor’s installation directory).

2.To make a new reservation file, select the New command from the File menu. Or use the Open command on the File menu to edit an existing reservation file.

3.To add definitions for who can use license tokens for specific licenses, select Add from the Feature menu. The Add License Reservation Wizard appears.

4.Click Next. The wizard asks for the feature name, feature version, and capacity of the license. Here the Feature Version as an optional field. So, for a license having both feature name and version, the version must be specified but for a license having only feature name but no version, this field must be left blank.

5.After entering the above-mentioned information, click Next.

If your feature is a capacity feature the wizard will ask you to specify the type of capacity reservation. You can specify if the capacity reservation is for teams,users/hosts, or non-capacity shared license. Next, the wizard will prompt you to specify the Team group name, Tokens and Capacity for the team.

If you feature is a non-capacity feature the wizard asks for a Group name and the number of Tokens to reserve for that group.

6.After specifying the above details the Wizard  prompts you to specify the members of the group. Click Add to add a member.

If your feature is a capacity feature you need to specify the Team Id and also if the team is allowed or not allowed to run the application. You can also specify the member groups.

If your feature is a non-capacity feature the wizard asks for  Name of the Member, if the specified member is a User or a Machine and also if the member is allowed or not allowed to run the application.

7.Click OK to finish the definition. Define more users, if desired.

8.Once the desired users are defined, depending on your requirement perform the following steps:

Remove All to remove all of them

Remove to remove just the selected member.

Properties to edit the details of the selected member.

9.Click Finish to go back to the main screen. The groups and members are updated on the WLSGRMGR main screen.

10.After at least one feature has been defined, you can define another group to use that feature. To add a new group select Add from the Group menu.

NOTE   Do not add the same users or computers to different groups using the same feature.

11.After specifying your choices, restart the License Manager.