lsrvdown - Shuts Down the License Manager

lsrvdown utility is used to shut down the named License Manager.

lsrvdown can be used as:

lsrvdown host-name

on supported versions of Windows and UNIX.

Here, host_name specifies the name of the computer that is running the License Manager that you want to shut down.

lsrvdown can be run from the operating system command prompt by an administrative user on a client or License Manager computer. On UNIX, only the user logged in as “root” can use lsrvdown. On Windows, any user with administrative privileges may use lsrvdown unless the License Manager was started by a user logged in as Administrator, in which case only Administrator can shut the License Manager down. The computer on which you are running lsrvdown must be in the same network domain as the License Manager computer.

NOTE   The same user must install the Sentinel RMS License Manager and also run this utility.