lswhere - Displays a List of License Managers

lswhere command displays the network names of the computers running the License Manager. By default, lswhere displays for each License Manager the address of the computer on which that License Manager is running as well as its host name.

lswhere can be run on Windows and UNIX. lswhere should be run from the operating system command prompt by an administrator or application user on a standalone, client, or License Manager computer.

lswhere should be run in the following format:

lswhere [option]

You may specify one of the following options:

Option Description


Displays details on the License Managers found on the network.


Displays only the IP addresses of the License Managers found on the network (resolves the host names).

NOTE   lswhere can also be run without specifying any command line options.

When using lswhere with the -d option you see the following information for each License Manager found on the network:

Server Address:
Server Name: Sales
Is Redundant: YES
Total Clients: 0
Protocols: TCP/IP

Where Server Address may be the IP address;

Server Name is the host name of the computer on which the License Manager runs;

Is Redundant tells you if the License Manager is redundant or non-redundant;

Total Clients tells how many clients are being serviced by this License Manager at this time;

Protocols indicates which communication protocols can be used to communicate with the License Manager.