License Manager (License Server)

The Sentinel RMS License Manager enforces and manages licensing in multi-user environment. It keeps track of all the licenses and handles requests from network users who want to run your application, granting authorization to the requester to allow them to run the application, and denying requests when all licenses are in use. It is an integral component of the network licensing schemes that can be implemented with Sentinel RMS, namely server-locked licenses, site licenses and commuter licenses.

The License Manager usually runs on a computer within the network where users (clients) have installed the licensed application. See the diagram below:

Usually the licenses reside on the License Manager in a license file. On startup, the License Manager reads the licenses from the file and creates a license table. Otherwise, these are added dynamically to the License Manager. The dynamically added licenses are only available in the License Manager memory. Once the License Manager is stopped these licenses are lost.

You program your application to look for a License Manager with available licenses.

When the licensed application is run on a client, a request is sent to the License Manager for obtaining an authorization. The License Manager processes the request (including the task of authenticating the clients, if required) and returns the status to the client. The License Manager maintains each request separately, treating these authorizations as separate clients.

Figure 1: Multiple Clients Accessing the Sentinel RMS License Manager

Figure 2: Client Requesting for a Network License