Sentinel EMS

Sentinel EMS is a web-based application that covers the operational aspects of licensing. It is responsible for various product and license management aspects such as product bundling and packaging, feature definition, and license terms, supporting both direct and channel sales models. Additionally, all fulfillment activities including product activation, usage reporting, software downloads, and subscription management are facilitated through Sentinel EMS.


Sentinel EMS User Guide
Sentinel EMS Configuration Guide
Sentinel EMS REST API Basic Concepts
Sentinel EMS REST API Getting Started
Sentinel EMS REST API Reference
Sentinel EMS REST API Migration Guide

Release Notes

Sentinel EMS Release Notes

Archived Documents

Sentinel EMS 4.4 - Installation Guide
Sentinel EMS 4.4 - Configuration Guide
Sentinel EMS 4.2 - Web Services Getting Started Guide
Sentinel EMS 4.2 - Web Services Guide