LmAdmin Library Error and Result Codes

The following table contains Admin Library error codes with their corresponding descriptions.

Error #

Error/Status Code




Successful operation.

410001 SNTL_LMADMIN_LIBRARY_ALREADY_INITIALIZED LmAdmin Library is already in an initialized state.
410002 SNTL_LMADMIN_HOST_UNKNOWN Failed to resolve the specified License Manager host. Check your DNS settings and the hosts file.


The License Manager on the specified host is not available for processing the license operation request.


The network is unavailable.

410005 SNTL_LMADMIN_NO_SERVER_RESPONSE The License Manager on the specified host is not responding to the client request. Check if the License Manager is up and running.
410006 SNTL_LMADMIN_INVALID_TCPIP_VERSION The TCP\IP protocol version specified for the admin library is incorrect. Check if the client and License Manager protocols are incompatible.
410007 SNTL_LMADMIN_CALLING_ERROR Error in calling the API function. Check the calling parameters.
410008 SNTL_LMADMIN_INTERNAL_ERROR Internal error during termination or accessing a feature.
410009 SNTL_LMADMIN_BAD_SERVER_MESSAGE Error encountered while decrypting (or decoding) a network message. The specified host cannot understand the message received from the License Manager. The versions of the admin and License Manager are incompatible.
410010 SNTL_LMADMIN_LIBRARY_NOT_INITIALIZED The admin library is not initialized.
410011 SNTL_LMADMIN_NOT_SUPPORTED The requested operation is not supported on the License Manager.
410012 SNTL_LMADMIN_NORESOURCES Insufficient system resources (such as memory) are available to complete the request.
410013 SNTL_LMADMIN_CLEANUP_ERR_NOKEYS No more active keys are available for termination.
410014 SNTL_LMADMIN_DEL_SUCC_WITH_EXCLUSION Cleanup on the License Manager completed except termination of commuter keys.
410015 SNTL_LMADMIN_CLIENT_NOT_AUTHORIZED Client not authorized for the specified action for this feature.
410016 SNTL_LMADMIN_NOT_SUPPORTED_IN_NONET_MODE The feature is not supported in the No-net (standalone) mode of the server.
410017 SNTL_LMADMIN_RESOURCE_LOCK_FAILURE Failed to fetch the API resource lock. On receiving this error, retry calling this API.
410018 SNTL_LMADMIN_INVALID_CONTEXT Invalid application context.
410019 SNTL_LMADMIN_INVALID_ATTR_KEY Invalid attribute key.
410020 SNTL_LMADMIN_INVALID_ATTR_VALUE Invalid attribute key value.