.NET Interface

The Unified API .NET interface has been included in the Sentinel RMS SDK since v9.2.0 (though it existed since v9.0.0 and was available separately). The interface is built over the C libraries and allows you to integrate RMS licensing and related functionality in your .NET applications.

Obtaining this Interface

This interface is available at the following path in your Sentinel RMS Windows SDK installation: <installdir>\10.x\Development\DotNet-Unmanaged.

What's Included in This Interface

This interface contains the:

>Source Code - Under the directories available at the following path: installdir>\Development\DotNet-Unmanaged

>Samples - See About Samples

>.NET Interface .dll files - The following DLLs are placed in the DotNet-Unmanaged directory:

SentinelLicensing.dll - Consists of the Sentinel RMS Unified API for licensing your .NET applications.

SentinelLicgenParser.dll - Consists of the parse API implementation, used for decoding licenses.

SentinelLmAdmin.dll - Consists of the LmAdmin API implementation, used for terminating client sessions.

SentinelLsPmgmtinit.dll - Consists of the LsPmgmtAPI implementation, used for persistence creation.

SentinelLsPmgmtclean.dll - Consists of the LsPmgmtAPI implementation, used to reset and repair persistence information.

Prerequisites to Using this Interface

For the list of supported compilers, refer to the Sentinel RMS Windows Release Notes.

>.NET Framework 4.7.2 (Starting Sentinel RMS 9.8, this is the minimum supported version).

> Following C binaries are required by the application built using this interface:

SentinelLicensing.dll needs lsapiw32/64.dll

SentinelLicgenParser.dll needs lsdcod32/64.dll

SentinelLmAdmin.dll needs lslmadmin32/64.dll

SentinelLsPmgmtinit.dll needs lspmgmtinit32/64.dll

SentinelLsPmgmtclean.dll needs lspmgmtclean32/64.dll