Setting Group Reservations

Group reservations are used to restrict the rights to run applications for particular users, machines, or groups. Selected users can be allowed to run certain applications or can be prevented from accessing the applications. This is done by reserving the license tokens for specific users and/or preventing some users from using reserved license tokens.

This can be used as an additional security measure. This can help to balance application usage when you want to prevent users from running applications on heavily loaded computers or file servers. Further this feature gives you the ability to exercise local administrative control.

NOTE    The license tokens that are not reserved for any group can be allocated to any user or machine. Further, specifying a token count has no effect when a member is excluded from receiving licensed tokens.

NOTE   The group reservations capability is only meaningful with a network License Manager. However, it is not supported when the redundant License Manager pool is set up.

You can create or edit the reservation file on any platform manually or use the WlsGrMgr utility on Windows.

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