WlmAdmin - Administers RMS License Manager's Activities

WlmAdmin displays information about the on-premises RMS License Managers1 and performs a variety of administrative functions associated with them. It displays elaborate information, which includes the License Manager information, feature information, and license and client information. It also provides options for using other related Sentinel RMS utilities.

NOTE   To obtain the new WlmAdmin utility (v10.0.200), see Knowledge Base article KB0025392 in the Sentinel Customer Support Portal.

If you are using redundant License Managers, you can use WlmAdmin as an informational tool, but will also be able to display:

>A list of all License Managers in a redundant License Manager pool.

>The name of the License Manager leader—the License Manager that is currently serving licenses.

The topics covered in this section are:

>WlmAdmin Interface

>License Manager Node

>Feature Node

>WlmAdmin—Quick FAQs