Sentinel RMS Legacy API and Features

This section provides information about the traditional VLS API functions included in the various C language libraries of the Sentinel RMS SDK.

The traditional API functions are classified as follows:

>General Licensing API - The licensing API functions that you can integrate in your application source code
See Quick Licensing API, Standard Licensing API, Advanced Licensing API, Client Configuration API, Client Query API, Feature Query Functions, and so on.

>API functions specific to different license types
See Trial License API, Commuter License API, Redundancy API, Volume Transaction Licensing API, and Capacity License API.

>The license persistence setup and cleaning API functions
See System Initialization API and Persistence Cleaning API.

>Customization functions - Functionality that a vendor can customize
See Customization Features for details about the customization features and corresponding procedure.

NOTE   From Sentinel RMS v9.0 onwards, an alternative set of licensing API functions called Unified API, has been provided. These API functions aim to replace the existing set of APIs. For more information about Unified APIs, click here.