Grace Licenses

A network licensed application configured with a grace period is considered to be having a grace license.

Grace period provides continuity during unforeseen circumstances such as network downtime or disconnection. Without the grace period, the clients face denial of service when the License Manager's host is unavailable. Therefore, a grace license ensures that the application runs till the end of the grace period.

Unlike commuter or perpetual licensing options, which require some basic preparation on the end user's side (like checking in or checking out a license); grace licensing is developer-driven and provides reliable and immediate application access on the local system in times of need.

CAUTION!   The grace licensing feature is best used for providing a reasonable amount of flexibility to your application users under unavoidable circumstances. However, for safeguarding your interests you should use this judicously (generally the grace period should not last beyond 1-2 days and 4-6 hours). If your customers need longer periods of time, we recommend reviewing repository and commuter licensing models.

In this chapter, we shall discuss the following topics:

>License Properties Supported with Grace Licenses

>Roles and Responsibilities for Grace Licenses

Generating a Grace License

Working with Grace Licenses

>Troubleshooting and FAQs