Hasp.GetInfo Method

Namespace: Aladdin.Hasp


Retrieves information about system components, according to customizable search parameters, and presents it according to customizable formats.


static HaspStatus GetInfo ( String     scope, 
                            String     format,
                            Byte[]     vendor_code,
                            ref String info



Definition of the data that is to be searched in XML format.


Definition of the data to be returned by the method in XML format.


Bytes that contain the Vendor Code


Reference of the string that receives the output (in XML format).

Return Values

A HaspStatus status code.

Usage Notes

You do not need to be logged in to a Feature in order to use this method.

This method is used to specify conditions about where to search for information. In addition, it enables you to specify conditions about the format in which the retrieved information is presented. If retrieved information is appropriately formatted, it can be used as a template in the Login (With Scope) method.

The required Vendor Codes are stored in a VendorCodes folder in your system. Without the correct Vendor Code, the method call cannot succeed.

You can use this method to retrieve a fingerprint only for these machines:

>the local machine

>a remote machine with a protection key that is visible to the machine where this function is performed.

NOTE   If the method retrieves an empty fingerprint, see Resolving an empty fingerprint issue.

This method cannot be used to retrieve legacy HASP Features.

Overloaded Methods

The following overloaded methods are provided. They differ from the method above only in the argument type that they accept.

static HaspStatus GetInfo ( String     query, 
                            String     format,
                            String     vendorCode,
                            ref String info

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