Hasp.Update Method

Namespace: Aladdin.Hasp


Write an update to a local or remote Sentinel protection key.


static HaspStatus Update ( String     update_data,
                           ref String ack_data



Update data


Reference to the string that receives the acknowledgment data.

Return Values

A HaspStatus status code.

Usage Notes

hasp_update() applies a V2C or V2CP file to an existing protection key on a local or remote machine.

The Licensing API does not need to be logged in to a Feature on a Sentinel protection key in order to use this method.

hasp_update() can automatically determine where an online detach or cancel license update should be applied. For the operation to succeed, the local License Manager must be active and connected to the remote server.

The update code contains all necessary data to perform the update on a deployed Sentinel protection key including:

>The Sentinel protection key on which the updated information is to be written

>The Vendor Code that is required to access the Sentinel protection key

>The actual update information

Depending on the update data, the method returns an acknowledgement code that is signed/encrypted by the update. The code is evidence that an update has been applied to a license.

This method is an extension of the main Sentinel Licensing API and is utilized by the Sentinel RUS utility to update Sentinel LDK licenses.

NOTE   When this method is called, a write cycle is performed for the Sentinel protection key. Sentinel HL keys are certified to withstand a specific number of write cycles. For information on the number of write cycles for which Sentinel HL keys are certified, see the Sentinel HL Data Sheet.

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