Display of Protection Keys and Sessions in Admin Control Center

Information and sessions for protection keys that require the Admin License Manager (Admin LM) can be viewed in Admin Control Center.

Typically, protection keys that are handled by the Integrated License Manager (Integrated LM) or External License Manager (External LM) are located on a machine where the Run-time Environment (and therefore, Admin Control Center) is not installed. As a result, there is no user interface available to display information about the keys or License Manager sessions that use the keys.

However, if Admin Control Center is present on a given machine (even if it is not required):

>Under Windows, all protection keys that are connected to the machine can be viewed in Admin Control Center.

>Some of the License Manager sessions for the keys can be viewed in Admin Control Center.

These points are described in more detail below.

Display of Protection Keys

The table that follows indicates which protection keys are displayed in Admin Control Center when the Run-time Environment is installed on a given machine.

Operating System Keys That Are Visible in Admin Control Center
  All HL keys SL AdminMode Keys SL UserMode keys
Windows Yes Yes Yes
Linux, Mac Yes Yes No

However, under Windows, certain conditions must be satisfied in order to view local SL UserMode keys in Admin Control Center:

>The customized Vendor library for the relevant Batch Code must be present on the machine, under: %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP

To ensure that the Vendor library is present in this location, do one of the following:

a.Generate the Run-time Environment installer using Sentinel EMS.

b.Place the Vendor file manually in the location.

>hasplmv.exe must be loaded by the License Manager service. This file is loaded by default. The file is not loaded if the end user specifically enables the option in Admin Control Center to prevent this file from loading.

>Sentinel Run-time Environment must be version 7.60 or later.

Display of Sessions

Sessions for all protection keys that are handled by the Admin LM are displayed in Admin Control Center, except for the following:

>Sessions for local HL (Driverless configuration) keys are displayed in Admin Control only if the Admin LM version is the same or later than the version of the Integrated/External LM.

>Sessions for SL UserMode keys are not displayed in Admin Control Center.