Virtual Connection of HL Keys

A standalone Sentinel HL key (that is, a key that does not support concurrency) must typically be physically connected to the machine where the protected application executes. However, you can connect this type of key using a virtual connection using available third-party solutions. These solutions can be used in cases where a physical key cannot be connected due to the lack of a USB port or inability to physically access the machine. You can connect your HL keys to an over-the-network USB solution and access them from any physical or virtual machine as if they were connected locally.

There are several such solutions, both software-based (that can be installed on any PC with a USB port) and dedicated devices. Among the dedicated devices, Thales recommends utnserver Pro, myUTN-2500, dongleserver Pro, and dongleserver ProMAX by SEH Technology. These devices were tested for Thales Sentinel HL keys, and are backed by partnership between SEH Technology and Thales.