Viewing License Updates

With certificate-based Sentinel SL keys, you can examine the sequence of updates that were applied to a Protection Key at a customer site. The V2C files that were applied to a protection key reside in a directory on the computer where the protection key is located. (A V2CP file is broken down into its component V2C files, and each V2C file is handled as described here.)

(For protection keys that were rehosted from a different computer, you can also examine the H2H files that contain rehost information.)

The licensing information in each V2C file is specified using XML tags. You can open any of these files using a simple text editor and read the contents. If you examine the files for a specific Protection Key ID in sequence, you can follow the history of updates that were applied to the key.

NOTE   Information regarding SL legacy protection keys is not available in these files.

The V2C files on a given computer can be found in the following locations:

>For SL AdminMode keys:


%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Common Files\SafeNet Sentinel\
Sentinel LDK\installed\[vendorID]\

(For Windows x86, in: %ProgramFiles%\...)

Linux, Mac /var/hasplm/installed/[vendorID]/

>For SL UserMode keys:

Windows %ProgramData%\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel LDK\installed\[vendorID]\
Linux $HOME/.hasplm/installed/[vendorID]

The naming convention for the files is as follows:

keyID_provisional.v2c Unlocked Product
keyID_base.v2c Base Product
keyID_updateX.v2c Update to a Base Product. Updates are numbered sequentially.
keyID_rehost.h2h Rehost of a protection key

keyID is the Protection Key ID.


>Do not remove or modify these files. If any of these files are removed or modified, the protection key may become invalid.

>The naming convention for V2C files can be modified in Sentinel LDK-EMS. For details, see the Sentinel LDK–EMS Configuration Guide.