Sentinel LDK Documentation

Sentinel LDK is Thales’s industry-leading software protection, licensing, and Entitlement Management System. This out-of-the-box solution gives you the best hardware and software locking available, and lets you manage all of your protection keys from one centralized platform.

Software Protection and Licensing

For an in-depth overview of Sentinel LDK, explore the Software Protection and Licensing Guide, which provides all the information you need to start protecting and licensing your applications.

In this section, you'll also find links to the Sentinel LDK Installation Guide, the latest Release Notes, a link to the Release Notes from previous versions, and Known Issues.

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Tutorials & Quick Starts

Get started by learning how to work with Sentinel LDK and familiarizing yourself with the various components that let you protect and license your software.

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Sentinel LDK-EMS

Learn how to configure and use Sentinel EMS with Sentinel LDK. In this section, you'll find the Sentinel LDK-EMS User Guide, a Configuration Guide for the EMS server, and a Web Services Guide. In this section, you'll also learn how to seamlessly integrate your existing back-office systems, such as ERP, CRM, and business intelligence systems, with Sentinel EMS Server.

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Sentinel LDK Vendor Tools

Learn how to use the Sentinel LDK Vendor Tools—Sentinel ToolBox, Sentinel LDK Envelope, and Sentinel LDK Data Protection utility and command line interface—to implement protection and licensing for your applications.

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API References

Manage licensing and license generation using the various Sentinel APIs in several supported languages.

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Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment (RTE)

Learn how to use Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment, which is a standalone component that enables communication between a Sentinel protection key and Sentinel EMS or a protected application. The Run-time Environment also contains Sentinel Admin Control Center, a web-based interface used to manage licenses.

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Sentinel LDK Non-Windows Platforms

Learn how to use Sentinel LDK on the Linux, Mac, and Android operating systems.

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Migration to Sentinel LDK

Planning to migrate from Sentinel HASP or any other Sentinel hardware-based protection? Use these guides.

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Sentinel Hardware Keys

Explore the technical specifications for the range of hardware keys that are available for licensing and protecting your products with Sentinel LDK.

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