API References

Learn how to use the Sentinel LDK APIs.


Sentinel Admin API Reference.   C  |   .NET   |  Java
These API functions perform the functionality available in Admin Control Center and Sentinel License Manager.

Sentinel Licensing API Reference.   C  |   .NET   |   .NET Standard   |   Java   |   REST (Web Service)
These API functions perform the licensing and protection functionality available in the Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment.

Sentinel License Generation API Reference. These API functions provide access to the power and flexibility of Sentinel protection keys without the need to employ the full Sentinel LDK-EMS system. You can call functions in this API to generate and update licenses for Sentinel protection keys.

Sentinel Run-time Installer API Reference. These API functions can be used to integrate the installation of the Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment into your custom setup application.