WlmAdmin - Administers License Management Activities

WlmAdmin performs a variety of administrative functions. It displays elaborate information which includes the License Manager information, feature information and license and client information. Few of them are listed below:

>Provides information on the License Managers. To add the License Managers, see Select the License Managers.

>Details on licenses and clients using them in the network. For example, the administrator can see which users have acquired that license and who are in a queue waiting for the license.

>Revokes licenses

>Invokes other Sentinel RMS utilities, such as the reservation file editor (Wlsgrmgr), the redundant License Manager pool editor (WrlfTool), License Manager load/unload utility (loadls), and the License Manager shutdown utility (lsrvdown).

>If you are using redundant License Managers, you will be able to use WlmAdmin as an informational tool as discussed above, but will also be able to:

Add or delete a redundant License Manager from the redundant License Manager file.

Display a list of all License Managers in the redundant License Manager pool and display the name of the License Manager leader.

Display the distribution criteria for specific licenses (only high assurance model is allowed, where the reigning leader server keeps all the license tokens).

NOTE   From Sentinel RMS v9.5 onwards, license hard limit up to 4,294,967,294 (infinite value) is supported. This is applicable for license version 20 and above. Further, this high value is applicable only when hard limit is used as a quantity. For versions prior to 9.5, the infinite value is 2,097,150.

Using the WlmAdmin Interface

>Set WlmAdmin Preferences  

>Perform License-Specific Actions

>WlmAdmin - Quick FAQs