Getting Started: Advanced Level

The advanced licensing developer should go to the following topics for higher-level concepts and more detailed information.

Install Software

Installing the software is the best first step in Getting Started. Installation directions are in the Release Notes.

NOTE   Be sure to install Sentinel RMS using the serial number that Thales provided you. The serial number is on a card shipped with the software. If you need to install multiple copies of Sentinel RMS across your organization, use the same serial number in each installation.

The software can be installed without a serial number but then there is no guarantee of uniqueness of the various files used in your licensing implementation.

Attach Meter Key

Read about your License Meter Key here. Plug it in to enable license generators.


For descriptions of the main parts of Sentinel RMS, see Sentinel RMS Components.


Every new licensing project has different decisions to make. The Planning Application Licensing section contains discussions of the main design decisions you will face each time you license a product. It is a good practice to review the many design tradeoffs discussed in this section before beginning a new licensing project. You may think of new ways to profit with your application through innovative licensing methods.

API Licensing Quick Start

To start right off learning the Sentinel RMS API licensing, you can go to:

>Evaluating the slmdemo Program

>Getting Started With API

>Sample Programs for RMS API Functions

>Common Traditional API Use Cases

Technical Divisions

There are two main technical divisions in this documentation:

>The Design section and

>The Customer Support section.

The Design section is dedicated to the license development stage of the application life cycle. Material in the Design section explains both the high-level concepts as well as the details involved in creating licenses. The several subsections help compartment the design data.

The Customer Support section is devoted to the ongoing licensing support activities that can require the skill level of a licensing developer. Actions involving the customer site and License Managers are covered in this section.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with both technical sections.