How Sentinel LDK Detects Machine Cloning

This appendix describes the techniques employed by Sentinel LDK to prevent unauthorized use of protected software when the physical or virtual machine on which the software is installed is cloned. In addition, the appendix describes how you can examine the fingerprints from a machine to determine whether the machine and its protection keys were intentionally cloned.

This topic is only relevant for software protected with a Sentinel SL key. Software that is protected by a Sentinel HL key is not vulnerable to machine cloning.

For more information on protecting software against cloning, see Specifying the License Terms for Features in a Product.

In this appendix:

>How Clone Protection Schemes Work

>Using the "Platform Default" Scheme

>Summary of Clone Protection Schemes

>Requirements for Each Clone Protection Scheme

>Clone Detection for Physical Machines

>Clone Detection for Virtual Machines

>How to Analyze a Clone Report

>How to Clear the "Cloned" Status for a Product License