Understanding the Sentinel LDK Master Key Licenses

This appendix describes the Thales Sentinel LDK model for the Master Key licenses. Its purpose is to assist you in understanding how your Master Key licenses from Thales are implemented, and how to make decisions about your license update requirements. (For more information on the Master key, see Sentinel Vendor Keys.)

The Sentinel LDK licensing model includes the following components:

>Product Activation module

>New SL Key Pool

>Network seats (SL Pool of Seats, HL Pool of Seats)

>Value of Unlimited Seats

>Unlocked Trialware module

>Unlocked Unlimited module

>V‑Clock module

>AppOnChip module

>Channel Partner module

>Advanced Data File Protection module

>Reporting module

>Identity-based access module

The components that you purchase depend on your specific requirements and whether you have an on-premises Sentinel EMS installation, or you utilize LDKaaS (Sentinel LDK as a Service).

NOTE   To view information regarding your Master key in Sentinel EMS, see Maintaining Sentinel Master Keys.

In this appendix:

>Trial Licenses Provided With Sentinel LDK

>Licensing Concepts

>Product Activation Module

>New SL Key Pool

>Network Seats

>Unlocked Trialware Module

>Unlocked Unlimited Module

>V-Clock Module

>AppOnChip Module

>Channel Partner Module

>Advanced Data File Protection Module

>Reporting Module

>Cloud Licensing Module