Sentinel Remote Update System (RUS)

This section describes the Sentinel Remote Update System utility (RUS utility) and explains how to use this utility to update license data remotely for deployed Sentinel protection keys.

NOTE   Updates can be also applied to a deployed Sentinel protection key in any of the following manners:

>An end user can apply all outstanding updates for the protection keys on their machine simply by accessing the Sentinel LDK-EMS Customer Portal and clicking the Update Licenses button. In this case, it is not necessary for the end user to receive the V2C file. For more information, see Customer Portal - Applying Updates to Protection Keys.

>The end user can use the Sentinel Admin Control Center (if present on the end user's machine) to apply a V2C file.

> You can use the Sentinel Licensing API, by calling the Update function. For additional information, see the Sentinel Licensing API Reference. For SL AdminMode keys, also see Applying License Updates to SL AdminMode Keys.

In this section:

>RUS Utility Overview

>RUS Workflow

>Using the RUS utility