RMS Cloud License Manager (LM) REST API—Basic Concepts

This document provides an overview of the RMS Cloud LM REST API.

RMS Cloud LM is a cloud-based service provided by Thales to consume RMS licenses from the cloud. It is an extension of the traditional on-premises RMS License Manager providing anytime-anywhere access to licensed applications.

When licensing applications, you can choose between:

Unified APIs in the SCP-integrated Library

The SCP-integrated library provides quick-to-integrate Unified API that can be incorporated directly in an application to implement licensing. The library abstracts tasks—including authentication, message signing and verification—necessary for secure communication between a client and RMS Cloud LM. In addition, Unified API can be used to support consistent licensing across all deployment modes in C, Java, and .NET.


RMS Cloud LM REST API is a modern set of REST API for implementing software licensing. These are to be used in conjunction with the Token Management Service REST API that provides secure JSON Web Token (JWT) type authentication.

Additional Resources

Contact your Thales representative for obtaining a package that contains the:

>Postman collections for

RMS Cloud LM REST API: The REST API for implementing RMS licensing.

Token Management Service API: The REST API for authentication.

Guidance to use these Postman collections is provided in the Part 2 of the Getting Started with Sentinel RMS—Connected (Cloud LM) Mode.

>YAML files for


Token Management Service API