Usage Data of Isolated Networks

As a system administrator, you may have to manage usage data created on the systems, which do not have access to internet. These systems have software licensed using Sentinel RMS v9.7 (or later), but do not have internet-connectivity. The software vendor may require the offline usage data of these systems for billing and analytics-based report generation.

The usage data accumulation begins on these systems soon after the software is used. These systems, referred to as the source machines, can be standalone systems and/or RMS License Manager hosts that provide network licensing to its clients within the isolated network. The usage data of these isolated systems needs to be transmitted to your software vendor. This task requires you to perform the following steps:


Task 1: Copying Usage Data


Task 2: Pasting Usage Data


Task 3: Uploading Usage Data


Task 4: Copying Acknowledgment Data


Task 5: Pasting Acknowledgment Data

Workflow of Transmitting the Offline Usage Data