Licensing API

The following table lists down the API classes included in this category.

Class Description
Attribute Class

This class provides implementation for attribute object. An attribute object is a collection of {key, value} pairs that defines an API function's additional input parameters. To define the {key, value} pairs, the set API is used.

ApplicationContext Class

An application context object contains the configuration settings that should be used by the licensing API calls made using that application context object. The class also initializes and allocates resources necessary for the RMS licensing library.

LoginSession Class

This class provides various API related to license authorization. For example, obtaining, renewal and releasing license authorization.

LicensingAPI Class

This class provides a API to initialize and cleanup licensing library.

LicensingException Class

This class provides API to initialize and return the status code and status messages.

Identity Class

This class provides API for performing identity-related operations, such as setting a username.

LicensingConstants Class

This class defines the following:

>Error codes

Licensing library error and result codes

Lease job synchronization error and result codes

> Attribute Keys - Each API specification describes the relevant attributes keys applicable for that API.

>ApplicationContext Attributes

>ApplicationContext.transfer Attributes

>LoginSession.login Attributes

>LoginSession.refresh Attributes

>LoginSession.logout Attributes

>Identity Attributes

>Configure Attributes

NOTE   These APIs are available as a part of the Licensing libraries. For more information about obtaining the .NET interface, refer to these DLLs.