Sentinel EMS User Guide for All Enforcements

Welcome to Sentinel® EMS™—a Web-based solution that provides you with a centralized interface for all your license and entitlement management functions. It offers an easy-to-use interface for all your back office systems and a variety of advanced data collection and reporting functions. It also provides a centralized license management interface for employees and customers.

Sentinel EMS can help you in maximizing profitability by minimizing the internal costs and resources required for licensing, improving operation processes, empowering channel partners, and improving the end user experience.

How to Use This Guide
Sentinel EMS uses enforcements (also known as enforcement technologies) to provide you with the rights and licensing management options you need. An enforcement is the licensing technology that controls and secures your application. This guide uses icons to identify the options that are supported only for specific enforcements. If an option is supported for all enforcements, no icon is displayed. In addition, you may see an asterisk (*) next to an enforcement-specific option. Hover over the asterisk to see the supported enforcement. To learn more about the available enforcements, see A Complete Enterprise Software Licensing and Management Solution. The following icons are used as identifiers for enforcement-specific information:

Supported for Sentinel RMS

Supported for Sentinel LDK

Supported for Sentinel Fit

Supported for Services

Supported for third-party license enforcements

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