Sentinel EMS Entities

Sentinel EMS provides several entities that help build the license and entitlement management functions. Some of these entities are:

Entity Description

A namespace is used to create a workspace partition in Sentinel EMS.

A namespace represents the Batch Code created at the back end when the batch code is introduced.

License Models A license model defines a framework for a feature's usability.
Features A feature is a distinct functionality of a software application that can be independently licensed.
Memory A memory file is a data file that is used for storing strings in a Sentinel key. Usage examples might include migrating existing license data to Sentinel EMS, storing homegrown license data, or usage counters.
Products A product is an entity that can be monetized. It is a combination of one or more features.
Product Suites A product suite is a combination of products that are meant to be sold together according to a product packaging plan.
Downloads A download is associated with products and downloaded over the internet.
Entitlements Entitlements are orders produced for products and product suites*.
Activations Activation refers to a method of generating a license of a product for a consumer.
Revocation* Revocation is the process where a customer can return the licenses that were activated earlier.
Sentinel Keys A Sentinel key is a hardware- or software-based license container that is shared with a customer.
Reports Reports contain valuable business information generated based on data available in the Sentinel EMS database.
Users Software vendor employee responsible for performing various entitlement related tasks in Sentinel EMS.
Roles Roles are a set of permissions for using different components in Sentinel EMS. You need to associate roles with users so that the users can log on to the Sentinel EMS portal.
Channel Partners An organization allowed to resell the software vendor’s products. End users can buy directly from the software vendor or from the channel partners.
Customers A current or potential buyer of entitlements. Typically, entitlements are generated for customers.
Contacts A contact is an individual who may be associated with a customer organization or could be independent. A contact is a user who usually activates the entitlements in Sentinel EMS.