About the SCL Add-on Package

The document provides the following information:

>Describes the installation and configuration of Sentinel Cloud Plug-in (SCP) used in the:

Lease deployment mode

On-premises deployment mode (for supporting offline usage)

>Describes the components included in the SCL Add-on for RMS package to serve the connected deployment mode.

For getting familiar with all the three deployment modes, refer to the Sentinel EMS and Sentinel RMS Solution Guide.

About the SCL Add-on Package

The SCL Add-on package is delivered as a password-protected archive, which contains separate packages for different platforms. It is a consolidated package that contains files required to support all the three deployment modes.

NOTE   You receive the password to unzip the password-protected package in the Sentinel order emails.

The SCL Add-on package contains platform-specific packages described in the next section.