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Solution Overview

Get an overview of the features offered by Sentinel EMS, Sentinel RMS, and Sentinel LDK solution, as well as guidance for designing and deploying state-of-the-art licensing.

Sentinel Software and Services Solutions Guide  

Getting Started

New to our Sentinel solutions? You will find all the guides you need to get up and running quickly. The guides cover step-by-step instructions on how to set up your products in Sentinel EMS, and how to provision, consume, and manage licenses across the various License Deployment Modes. Although Sentinel EMS is the common component, you also need to read the guides that are relevant to the license enforcement solution you are implementing in your applications – either Sentinel RMS or Sentinel LDK. The enforcement technology choice would have been recommended to you based on your needs and requirements. If you are not sure which enforcement technology you are using, please refer to the order emails you received from Thales, or contact us.

Sentinel EMS with Sentinel RMS    
Standalone On-premises Mode Standalone Lease Mode  

Sentinel EMS with Sentinel LDK


Generating a Software-Based Product License

Burning a License on a Hardware Key  
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Sentinel EMS

Sentinel EMS is a web-based application that covers the operational aspects of licensing. It is responsible for various product and license management aspects such as product bundling and packaging, feature definition, and license terms, supporting both direct and channel sales models. Additionally, all fulfillment activities including product activation, usage reporting, software downloads, and subscription management are facilitated through Sentinel EMS.

Sentinel EMS User Guide for Software Vendors    
Sentinel RMS, Sentinel Fit, Services, and Third-Parties Sentinel LDK, Sentinel RMS, and Sentinel Fit  
Sentinel LDK    

Sentinel EMS REST API References for Software Vendors


Getting Started

REST API Reference  

Basic Concepts

Sentinel EMS User Guide for Customers    
Customer Portal User Guide    
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Sentinel Connect

Sentinel Connect is a cloud application that enables you to connect Sentinel EMS with any business application to automate entitlement transactions and synchronize entitlement data across the ecosystem. Sentinel Connect minimizes the complexity of integration by offering pre-built connectors. Although connector development is preferred, there is an optional low-code API that can be used to minimize the required development effort.

Sentinel Connect Documentation

Sentinel Connect API Reference
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Sentinel RMS

Sentinel RMS is a robust, flexible, and scalable licensing solution providing software and technology vendors with control and visibility into how their applications are deployed and used—whether in the cloud or on-premises. It offers a variety of licensing schemes to boost your product sales. Sentinel RMS also includes a number of applications and services typically used by licensing end customers to help facilitate the various software deployment scenarios (such as license managers and cloud connector services).

Sentinel RMS Developer Guide Sentinel RMS License Generation API Reference Guide
Sentinel RMS API Reference Guide Sentinel RMS System Administrator Guide  
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Sentinel LDK

Sentinel LDK is Thales’s industry-leading software protection and licensing solution. It provides cutting edge security technologies for the utmost in copy protection, a range of license models and entitlement fulfillment options, and out-of-the-box tools that facilitate quick integration and deployment. Sentinel LDK supports hardware-based, software-based and cloud-based licensing and includes a range of APIs to allow software vendors to automate and tailor the implementation to their unique business requirements.

Sentinel LDK Software Protection and Licensing Guide

Sentinel LDK Release Notes

Sentinel Licensing API Reference  
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Sentinel LDK Installation Guide  
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Sentinel Fit

Sentinel Fit is an ultra-lightweight, highly portable and secure licensing run-time solution designed specifically for intelligent devices with highly constrained environments and non-standard operating systems. The modular architecture allows for memory and storage consumption requirements to be as low as single-digit kilobytes, while providing secure, tamper-proof licenses and licensing models, such as feature- and time-based licensing.

For an overview of Sentinel Fit, go to our website.

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