Getting Started

New to our Sentinel solutions? In this section, you will find all the guides you need to get you up and running quickly. The guides cover step-by-step instructions on how to set up your products in Sentinel EMS, and how to provision, consume, and manage licenses across the various License Deployment Modes.

Although Sentinel EMS is the common component, you also need to focus on the guides that are relevant to the license enforcement solution you are implementing in your applications – this will either be Sentinel RMS or Sentinel LDK. The enforcement technology choice would have been recommended to you based on your needs and requirements. If you are not sure which enforcement technology you are using, please refer to the order emails you received from Thales, or contact us.

Sentinel EMS with Sentinel RMS Enforcement

The guides are arranged to start you off with the simplest use cases first, and then naturally progress you onto the more advanced use cases. We, therefore, recommend that you start from the top and work down.

Standalone On-premises Mode

Network On-premises Mode

Standalone Lease Mode

Network Lease Mode

Redundant License Manager in Network Lease Mode

Connected (Cloud LM) Mode for On-premises Applications

Connected (Cloud LM) Mode for SaaS Applications

Connected Mode

Dynamic Entitlements

Sentinel EMS with Sentinel LDK Enforcement

Getting Started with Sentinel LDK Cloud Licensing (CL) Service

Generating a Software-Based Product License

Generating an Unlocked Software-Based Product License

Burning a License on a Hardware Key

Sentinel Up

Getting Started with Sentinel Up